The 2020-2021 Officers are as follows:

Faithful Navigator: Sir Knight Dr. Philip A. D’Agati, PGK (Council 1078)

Faithful Friar: Sir Knight the Reverend Father Patrick S. Armano, K.H.S. (Council 14725)

Faithful Captain: Sir Knight Kevin F. Walsh (Council 14725)

Faithful Admiral: Sir Knight Jim Hauer, FDD, PGK (Council 1078)

Faithful Comptroller: Sir Knight William A. Wallace (Council 14725)

Faithful Purser: Sir Knight James J. Keleher (Council 1078)

Faithful Pilot: Sir Knight John E. Cuddy (Council 67)

Faithful Scribe: Sir Knight Eric M. Alaimo (Council 14725)

Inner Sentinel: Sir Knight Thomas J Mcatamney (Council 14725)

Outer Sentinel: Sir Knight Richard R. Dubé, PGK, PFN (Council 14725)

1 Year Trustee: Sir Knight Joseph A. Abdallah, CCC (Council 14725)

2 Year Trustee: Sir Knight Robert F. Moran, Ph.D. (Council 14725)

3 Year Trustee: Sir Knight Mark J. Alaimo, PGK, PFN (Council 14725)